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Members benefit from our regulatory defence and support. This means they can benefit from support with an official complaint or other regulatory issues with CORU. For example, members can benefit from access to legal advisers to support them through any fitness to practise hearing. 

If you have opted for this additional membership support, then it is important that you contact us as soon as they receive a complaint or become aware that a complaint is likely. Also, you should not ask for help from a solicitor, accountant or anyone else before you have informed us. This will help ensure we can support you with the help you need.

As a member, you also have access to a legal helpline which includes commercial legal advice. 

A complaint can be about anything and may be nothing to do with anything going wrong with a patient's eye care. For example, it can be about a product, delays or the behaviour of a registrant or a company, with no request for compensation. In some, but not all cases, a complaint might be made directly to CORU.

A complaint is not the same as a clinical negligence claim. Learn more about clinical negligence claims and the benefits of our medical malpractice insurance.


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